Which is Better: MBA or PGDM for Government Jobs?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree program that students can apply for after completing graduation. This is a management degree course that takes from 1-2 years to complete, depending on the college or university you do this course from. The MBA course makes you eligible to work in management and administration jobs in the mid and high-level management of an organisation.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a postgraduate diploma course for management. Most PGDM courses are for a duration of 2 years. Most PGDM courses in India are approved and monitored by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and hence, these courses are more industry-centric. With PGDM, you are eligible for the same kind of jobs you will get an MBA.

Which is Better, MBA or PGDM?

Which is better, MBA or PGDM? or rather, which of these courses are unique in nature? This debate has been raging on for quite some time now with no clear answer in sight. Maybe, a few years ago, it could have been said that the MBA has more popularity, but PGDM has caught up with MBA due to the quality of education and career opportunities.

Rather than debating which is better, students need to analyse the uniqueness of the courses, and assess them against the skills and competencies they have or want to possess. Business schools (or private MBA colleges) offering PGDM can revise their curriculum with the changing business needs and industry behaviour.  Private b-schools offering PGDM courses can also benefit students by inviting visiting faculty across the globe for an improved learning experience.

If you are looking forward to investing two years of their life in any of these highly desirable programs, you must understand their value propositions, offerings and industry perception.

This way, you will know which course is better suited to you, and you can proceed to enrol in the course

Today, government jobs are high on the list of MBAs and PGDM graduates owing to the high pay, benefits & perks, and job security. Job security is the number one attraction for students, especially in the post-COVID-19 world. The government too is looking to hire more MBA and PGDM graduates to strengthen government undertakings and make them more efficient and effective.

However, it is difficult to point out the exact course which is better. But what we can do is assess some features of each course and measure them against the skills required for government jobs. This will help you decide which course is for you and your desire to land a government job.

  • Course – In an MBA degree course, there is a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, whereas, in a PGDM course, the education is more practical and industry-centric.
  • Skills – When you do an MBA, your soft skills like leadership, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork develop. There are several skill sets such as decision-making skills, analytical skills, communication skills, planning and organizational skills, strategic skills to develop when you are pursuing a PGDM course. PGDM courses focus not only on classroom training but aim to increase your overall efficiency and skill sets.
  • Availability – The MBA course is easily available all over the country with the top MBA colleges located in all the biggest metropolitan and tier-II cities in almost every state. Compared to MBA, the PGDM course’s availability is less, so students from small cities and towns should be ready to move to bigger cities to pursue this course.
  • Regulation – Since MBA courses are so easily available in many colleges and universities, it is hard to regulate these courses. Students have to be extra careful while selecting a college. The PGDM course is regulated by AICTE, so the chances of students getting cheated are far less, but still taking due diligence is important and recommended.
  • Competitive Entrance Exam – To get admission to the best MBA colleges, you need to clear competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, and ATMA. Many PGDM colleges also consider the scores in such competitive entrance exams, but some have their own entrance exams. The preparation needed for MBA and PGDM entrance exams also comes in handy for doing well in competitive exams for government jobs.
  • Industry Exposure- Both MBA and PGDM offer a great level of exposure that you get at business colleges. Right from internships and guest lecturers to intense classroom sessions and industry visits, you will be made familiar with the learnings that you get to effectively use in your professional experience.

Scope of Getting a Government job After Doing MBA in India

Your chances of getting a good government job after completing an MBA are quite high as an MBA equips you with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to clear difficult government exams like UPSC Civil Services Examination, IBPS PO Examination, SBI PO Examination, and RBI Grade B Examination.

With an MBA, you can also apply for and get entry-level jobs in the government as the government is keen on making procedural and technological advancements in most government offices and undertakings. Many private agencies work exclusively with government agencies, so getting a job in them is as good as getting a government job.

Scope of Getting a Government Job after Doing PGDM in India

PGDM graduates should also give first preference to applying for and clearing difficult government jobs competitive exams as their course equips them to do that. Many students sit for such exams right after graduation, but if you have a PGDM, which is a postgraduate course, you will be given preference owing to higher education.

Entry-level jobs are also easy to get for PGDM graduates for the same reasons as MBA graduates get those jobs. The government is looking for professionals who can make a positive change and measurable development in government workings. PGDM graduates are equipped to do that.

What are the Government Jobs One Can Get After MBA or PGDM?

Now that you know about which course suits you better for a government job and the scope each has, it’s time to know about what government jobs you can go for. Knowing about the jobs gives you a target to aim at. Of course, with either postgraduate course, you will mostly be aiming for a management position, but the way to get there might be different. So, here are the government jobs one can get after an MBA or PGDM:

A) Government Jobs One Can Get After MBA

The MBA degree course is one of the best courses not only to get a good job in the private sector, but it is also the perfect course to land a cushy government job. Here are some of the jobs MBA graduates can try for in the public sector:

Marketing Officer – This position is mostly available in banking and insurance undertakings as they have many products and services that need to be marketed to the general public. A marketing office is in charge of all marketing activities, including digital marketing. They have to develop marketing strategies, and hire agencies to successfully execute these campaigns. Marketing officers are well paid as their success directly affects the bottom line.

Personnel Officer – Personnel officer is just the government’s way of saying, HR manager. They are responsible for the human resources department. From managing the new employees and retirement of old employees in the organisation to being the channel of communication between employees and management, the personnel officer has to do everything an HR does in a private company. They are also compensated well for all the important work they do.

Junior & Senior Executives – As mentioned before, the government is looking to be more professional and corporate-like, so departments are also getting restructured according. As an MBA graduate, you can get a job as a junior or senior executive in these departments. Some of these departments are IT, HR, operations, and marketing. Junior & senior executives get paid well along with benefits.

Management Trainees – Landing the job of a management trainee is one of the best things you can do as an MBA graduate. You will be trained for a management position in any of the departments in the organisation which you will get after training is complete. You might have to clear an entrance exam to get hired as a management trainee.

B) Government Jobs One Can Get After PGDM

Many government organisations and agencies are actively looking for PGDM graduates owing to the expertise and industry knowledge they bring. Many of them are being hired for the following government jobs:

Logistics Manager – One of the most important and difficult aspects of a business is managing logistics. Government businesses also face the same issue, so they now hire PGDM graduates as logistics managers owing to their education and technical expertise. Needless to say, this is one of the best-paying jobs in the government.

Assistant & Deputy Managers – These are more like entry-level jobs for PGDM graduates. Being in this position will allow you to learn about your department and job, and will position you to eventually take over as manager with enough training and experience.

Banking Officers – Given the growing importance of banking and many PSU banks now competing with private banks, PGDM graduates are being hired as banking officers to strengthen the banking industry of the country. These are some of the best and most well-paying jobs in the country’s banking industry, so they are definitely worth a shot.

Find Your Career Scope in Government With An MBA & PGDM Qualification

To sum it up, both MBA and PGDM are good for government jobs, but you should choose based on what you want from your education and which government sector you want to get a job in. In a country like India, getting a government job is like striking gold, and their importance has grown even more after the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, the country’s government needs an influx of professionally educated youth if it wants to become a developed nation. So, choose the right course and aim for your dream government job.

Scale Your Career in Management With Indira

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